There are a  SUSPECT, one conspiracy, and the difficult organization of the Italian Government in the management of the landings, and a total lack of interest of the EU?

Is a Pacific invasion, or employment studied, of Arabic People ?

In this map Italy becomes a new island , where they will stay all immigrants, or not? Many things are changing in Europe. Italy is alone and near at the collapse with the costant landings.

The Merkel said we put refuges on an island. Always merkel stated that closing the Brenner would be the end of the Europe.








The Brexit really would lead to economic disaster of the UK ? Or not?  It could lead to a new economic power ? For the English People is a Historical and Important moment.








But the Europe still exist now? Yes ? Or Not? How many European citizens still belive in the UE or feel Betrayed?

The economic system of most country is in the hands of large corporation industries?



The Europe and the USA, have a duty,  to stop the causes of landings and invest in the future life of migrants in their own lands.

Why must die so much people before you get to this?

Please answer me.

Sorry Nobody is perfect ! Me Too !!!


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